Works for Sale

[/caption]If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces or place an order please contact me at 250-624-9851 or

Salmon Woman
!3″ x 11 3/4″ x 4″

Sun Mask
15″ x 14 7/8″ x 4 1/4″
Yellow cedar with abalone inlay

“Woman Stolen by the Shark People” paddle
5′ in length, acrylic paint on yellow cedar with abalone inlay




“Boy who married the Eagle” headdress
7″x7″ Alder with abalone inlay



Eagle Harvesting the Salmon paddle
Length – 5 ft in yellow cedar




Silver Raven bracelet 3/4″



Silver Eagle pendant



[caption id="attachment_152" align="alignnone" width="133"]Eagle, bear totem 10' x 3' red cedar Eagle, bear totem
10′ x 3′ red cedar



[caption id="attachment_71" align="alignnone" width="225"]"Crying for Medicine" frontlet Alder, abalone inlay, ermine 9"h x 7 1/4"w x 3 1/2"d “Crying for Medicine” frontlet
Alder, abalone inlay, ermine
9″h x 7 1/4″w x 3 1/2″d




"Eagle Dance" Glass, cedar, stainless steel standoffs 31" in diameter

“Eagle Dance”
Glass, cedar, stainless steel standoffs
31″ in diameter
Limited edition of 10



Wolf and Raven Totem Glass and maple 24"h x 8"w x .5"t  with base measuring  12" x 9" x 2"

Wolf and Raven Totem
Glass and maple
24″h x 8″w x .5″t
with base measuring
12″ x 9″ x 2″
Limited edition of 10

6 thoughts on “Works for Sale

  1. Marina

    Ran across your work because of your cousin”s post on facebook. It’s beautiful. You should put a facebook account. I would definitely like it and it would spread the word

  2. Audrey

    Very professional, nice looking web site… so nice to see the pieces you talk about! the sun is out today, hope to see you in Aug.

    1. Dales site Post author

      Hi Debra, sorry for not replying sooner. I was wondering if we could correspond at my gmail address. It is Are you considering buying this piece? Where are you from? Looking forward to hearing from you on my gmail address. I check this every day. Dale

  3. Charles Hannah

    I stopped by your booth at the Santo Domingo Market in New Mexico and picked up a card because I liked your work very much,

    I looked at your Works for Sale listing and only saw prices on a silver ring and the bear totem. I was very interested in the other items but without a price I am at a loss.

    I’m glad I located your website and will check back in to see what you’ve done.

    best of luck,

    C.J. Hannah Bernalillo New Mexico

    1. Dales site Post author

      Hi there, I have been on holidays, just got back. Which pieces are you interested in? Please let me know and I will let you know the prices as soon as possible. Thanks.

      Best Regards, Dale Campbell


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